Cloud-Based Quality Management Solutions

If you’re like most companies, your supply chain is a key to differentiation. Speed, quality and insight are critical to keeping it running as efficiently as possible. But with dated practices, fluctuations in quality, and lack of immediate insight into the process, what is the best solution for staying ahead of your competitors—and in front of your customers?

Pivot88’s suite of cloud-based supply chain management solutions solves exactly this challenge by bringing business intelligence, analytics, clarity and control to all stages of your manufacturing process. Together, our Pro Suite represents a giant leap forward in managing product quality, order status and supplier performance.

Real-time Supply Chain Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics

Gain access to critical data, analytics and business intelligence at every tier of your supply chain, improve production speed, and standardize product quality across your partners—all on a common cloud-based, mobile-driven platform.
Key features of Pivot88 include:

  • Cloud-based data collection with access anywhere, anytime
  • Value added bundles of analytics highlighting key areas to improve quality & reduce defects
  • Real-time updates with live insight into supplier performance & efficiency
  • Seamless integration with ERP or business system (PLM, SAP, Oracle, etc)
  • Quick implementation timeline targeting key specifications and configuration requirements
  • Online workflows for quality inspections, non-conformities, vendor chargebacks & disposition management
  • Tablet and mobile applications for suppliers ans inspectors

Four Key Components of Pivot88


1. Real-time Business Intelligence and Analytics

Capture critical data, analytics and business intelligence at the source for increased inspection efficiency.

2. Product Status Traceability

Gain visibility at every stage of production by digitizing the product production process.

3. Protect Brand Quality

Remove subjective judgement. Bring color quality control and accountability into your supply chain management process.

4. Accurate Sourcing

Get insights into supplier sourcing with BI data and analytics captured right at the source.

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