Take the first step into digitizing and simplifying your inspection process with our introductory quality & inspection package. 

With the ability to adapt to all industries, The Checker is the perfect first step toPivot88-QualityAPP-the-checker-Logo introduce structure and standardization to your quality process leading you toward the full automation and digitization of your processes and helping you get instant access to data and results in real-time. Better yet, it saves on paper and contributes to the world’s mission to Go Green!

The Checker’s basic structure offers the flexibility of paper inspection forms increasing user adoption and ease of use, making it quick to implement. Basic inspection details including an auto-generated inspection number, inspector name, inspection date and all details of the product to inspect are automatically populated in the form and are immediately available at the inspector’s fingertips for instant validation. This helps save time and reduce human error related to manual input.

The Checker acts as a quick and automatic way to capture and embed an unlimited number of photos that can be annotated. The photos are automatically formatted and resized to fit the inspection report so no more manual work is needed! It also acts as a means to efficiently log defects – minor, major or critical – to quickly drill down on problem areas in the production process and beyond.

Based on the data entered at time of inspection, the result is automatically calculated based on the embedded business rules and pre-determined sample size & AQL levels which follows the military standards MILS 105E, thus removing inspector subjectivity in the process.

Start collecting data now and embrace the future of quality and production technology with Pivot88’s Quality App The Checker.


  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Unlimited Number of Devices
  • Generic Pre-Built Form
  • Standard Inspection Workflow
  • Data Excel Parser
  • Shared Server
  • Silver Level Support
  • 3 Pre-Defined Analytic Charts
  • including Quality Overview, Inspection Activities & Pass vs. Fail Trend

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Looking for something more specific? Something that will allow you to gain more intelligence based on your industry’s best practices, providing you with more in-depth analyses, real-time analytics, custom workflows & fully researched and structured inspection forms. We also have what your are looking for!

By combining many years of experience & extensive research in industry specific environments we have developed an additional serie of apps called The Inspector. An ultimate Industry-Approved solution built specifically for you and your team!

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