Proposing 6 industry-specific applications, The Inspector Pivot88-QualityAPP-the-inspector-Logocombines the power of technology with  industry best practices and allows you to fully automate and digitize your processes to help you get instant access to data and results in real-time. Better yet, it saves on paper and contributes to the world’s mission to Go Green!

The Pivot88 team has studied the retail industry in great depth. By reviewing thousands of inspection reports from the each industry’s best players, conducting on-site factory analyses, meticulous data review as well as conducting face-to-face interviews around the globe, we are providing you with the ultimate solution to automate and digitize your quality processes.

All apps that that make up The Inspector suite, are built to offer an intelligent form with universal standards & seamlessly embedded procedures at its core. Its customized structure takes the simplicity of a paper inspection form to the next level. Up to 50 fields of data linked to a single Style or SKU are automatically generated in the form and are immediately available at the inspector’s fingertips for instant validation. Not only does this help save time and reduce human error related to manual input but it also provides the inspectors with the data they need to perform the inspection effectively without having to rely on all the paper.

Each app offers inspectors a full guided photo report to quickly capture and embed industry-specific photos that are automatically formatted and resized to fit the inspection report– no more manual upload is needed! This will also ease the reviewing process and give the approver the illusion that he was right there in the factory. Checklists pertaining to lab analyses and testing are also included and can be completed with a quick tap to validate the conformity of specific requirements.

Tailored For Your Industry

By combining many years of experience & extensive research in industry specific environments we offer you the Ultimate Industry-Approved Solution built specifically for you and your team


  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Unlimited Number of Devices
  • Form Based on Industry Best Practices
  • Embedded Procedure, Structure & Intelligence
  • Configurable Inspection Workflow
  • Data Excel Parser
  • Industry-Approved Breakdown of Defects
  • Instant Access to Valuable Inspection Details
  • Quick Lab Test & Conformity Validation
  • Customizable Reports with Quality Plan Builder for Measurements & Other Checkpoints
  • Dedicated Server


  • 7 Analytics Reports including Supplier Negotiation Kit
  • Silver Level Support
  • Up to 18,750 Inspections Yearly

Super Elite

  • 10 Analytics Reports including Supplier Negotiation & Inspector Efficiency Kits
  • Gold Level Support
  • Up to 75,000 Inspections Yearly

Custom Enterprise
Build your Own

  • Ability to embed & Automate your current processes with custom-built inspection forms
  • Various data plans
  • Various Support level plans
  • Dedicated Server

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