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Pivot88-APParel-same-blackBuilt specifically for the apparel industry, APParel THE INSPECTOR combines the power of technology with the industry best practices and allows you to fully automate and digitize your processes to help you get instant access to data and results in real-time.

Better yet, gain more intelligence with this elite solution based on the industry’s best practices providing you with more in-depth analyses, real-time analytics, custom workflows & fully researched and structured inspection forms.

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“…Pivot88 helps save the merchandisers time by ensuring all the reports are in the same format and accessible in one location. It has also allowed us to increase the number of good quality photos in our report to give much more visual insight during approvals…”

Daton Lee, General Manager, Pepe Jeans Asia

Discover how Pivot88 has helped manufacturers and suppliers in the apparel, industrial and consumer goods markets increase product quality, shortened lead times, and a boost process efficiency.


Case study #12

International apparel brand sees immediate improvement in quality & ROI

Groupe Dynamite, a leader in women fashion’s retail landscape and a manufacturer of major apparel brands such as Dynamite & Garage, was struggling to attain visibility into their quality control processes. Learn how Pivot88 helped Groupe Dynamite significantly improve their quality and how they achieved:

  • Instant ROI
  • Improvement on “right style, right fit, in the right box with the right label” issue
  • Reduced returns to suppliers

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