Stephane Boivin

Co-Founder, President and CEO

With over 20 years of experience in the supply chain industry, Stéphane clearly understands the challenges involved in end-to-end manufacturing.

The idea of developing Pivot88 came out of his own experience in the supply chain, and in particular on remote quality management and supply chain optimization.

During his career, Stéphane held several executive positions at various companies including Toyota Industrial Group of Company, Deloitte Consulting and Ryder Logistics, and spent over 14 years working in China within Quality Management processes.

Today with Pivot88 his focus is on helping companies overcome quality management challenges through the use of emergent technologies providing visibility into the most vulnerable and riskiest parts of the supply chain – within suppliers.

Stéphane holds an MBA from UQAM University and is a certified professional logistician from the Canadian Logistics Institute.