The Smart Approach To Quality

Pivot88 is a cloud-based platform designed to help brands collaborate with their suppliers to ensure that quality processes are standardized and controls are automated to get you instant access to all inspection data in real-time.

Ensure Supplier Performance & Compliance

Accurate data capture is key. Our solution allows users to eliminate data entry errors and save time, validate mandatory checklists and lab test results, follow guided photo reports, accurately capture defects & measurements and connect external devices to completely remove subjectivity from the process.

Gain Real-Time Business Intelligence

Get immediate access to reports on supplier performance, monthly & quarterly trends, pareto and defect analyses, inspection efficiency, and much, much more. Say goodbye to the hours spent entering and consolidating manual data and get access to clean accurate reports in just a few clicks.

Work with You Suppliers as Key Partners

We believe in the power of collaboration. Aligning all teams and centralizing communication is the first step to bringing efficiency to your teams so everyone is on the same page and is constantly gaining knowledge to achieve new heights.

Live Inspections  |  Automatic Notifications   | Real-Time Analytics

Meet the solution that makes it possible.


Cost of poor quality is estimated to be at least 20% of sales volume in the average organization


80% of the data that companies need to run their supply chain sits outside their four walls


Only 18% of companies have visibility to 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers

“Pivot88 helps save the merchandisers time by ensuring all the reports are in the same format and accessible in one location. It has also allowed us to increase the number of good quality photos in our report to give much more visual insight during approvals.”

Daton Lee, General Manager, Pepe Jeans Asia

“…The benefits of Pivot88 were immediately apparent since I could use the system to capture, track, extract and analyze all my data. Meanwhile, without any additional effort, we were on the way to standardizing our processes.

By providing real-time insight on assembler and inspector performances in the line, Pivot88 allows me to better understand where the gaps occur. It definitely helps us to significantly increase production efficiency while widely simplifying my production planning…”

Sebastien Bourassa, Operations VP & President Savaria Huizhou (China), Savaria

“…The right style, the right fit, in the right box with the right label… We needed a solution that gave us centralized access to real-time quality data at all stages, visibility into our suppliers and third-party inspection firms, and QC analytics to help improve our processes. Pivot88 considerably reduced the point of measure non conformity…”

Katia Berlin, Director of Sourcing Strategy & Business Process, Groupe Dynamite

How Does Pivot88 Revolutionizes Your Quality World

The Problem

  • If you’re like most companies, your inspection process involves mostly paper and manual data entry with no standardized mechanism for validation, which can compromise data integrity.
  • Data collection and consolidation alone can take the QC several hours and access to completed reports is far from instantaneous. And, after all that manual work is complete, you still don’t have instant access to fully legible reports or visibility on the process.

Our Solution

  • Used by the best in class companies around the world, Pivot88 introduces structure and standardization to your quality process.
  • Combining the industry best practices with the power of technology, Pivot88 will lead you toward the digitization of your processes and help you get instant access to data and results in real-time.
  • Better yet, it saves on paper and contributes to the world’s mission to Go Green!
  • Pivot88 centralizes all of your production data on a single cloud-based platform, accessible from anywhere and from any device.

Gain insight into the gaps in your inspection process. Cut down on the time it takes to collect data manually. Address traceability challenges with a standardized inspection process that delivers real-time verifiable proof of product quality and supplier performance.

In fact, according to a report by Mckinsey, 80% of survey respondents believe that digital operations are a critical driver of competitiveness. Work smarter & stay ahead of your competition. Get started today!

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