BI and Analytics with Quality Pro

Real-time Business Intelligence and Analytics

QualityProIf you’re like many companies, your inspection process involves mostly paper and manual data entry with no standardized mechanism for validation which can compromise data integrity. Data collection alone can take the QC multiple hours limiting access to timely reports. The process is long and open to mistakes as the QC needs to create a new report each time.

Gain insights into where the gaps are in your inspection process. Cut down on the time it takes to collect data manually. Address traceability challenges with a standardized inspection process that delivers real-time verifiable proof of product quality and supplier performance.

With Quality Pro, you can gather evidence and validate it immediately, eliminating inconsistent paper-based reporting. Identify and solve product quality problems earlier in the production stage and faster. Quality Pro delivers real-time business intelligence and analytics that uncover trends right from the source, that lead to improved product quality, lower defect rates and reduced retailer chargebacks.

Pivot88 QualityProQuality Pro Features:

  • Cloud-based real-time inspection status available anytime
  • Transparency of inspection process at all stages
  • Access data on mobile devices
  • Automatic sampling calculation based on industry standards (ANSI MILS-105E)
  • Translates into multiple languages
  • Data-driven daily management dashboard

Achieve Inspection Efficiency:

Download this case study to learn how Pivot88 helped a North American manufacturer increase product quality and boost process efficiencies.

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