Roadmap to Build a Data Driven Supply Chain

“We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights” - Jay Baer   Becoming a data-driven organization requires a change in culture. Such a transformation is definitely worthwhile as it is likely to become a company’s greatest business advantage. If this is the...

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Wrapping up 2020: 5 key trends in the supply chain

As 2020 is coming to an end, it’s time to take a look at where the supply chain industry stands, after the most challenging year in history for supply chains – and for the economy as a whole. 5 key trends have emerged over the past years, with many of them having...

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The Future of the Supply Chain is Taking Shape Today

The COVID-19 crisis is sparking one of the most challenging times since World War II, hitting both brands and manufacturers, in all industries. By causing blow after blow to both supply and demand, the pandemic has developed a huge storm, affecting everybody’s supply...

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COVID-19 & End-Customer Safety – What Is Your Game Plan?

A plan on safety communication In this time of crisis, brands must reassure their customers, and communicate clearly about their values. Before visiting a physical store, customers need to know their security is ensured and their health is protected. Most brands are...

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