Process digitization:

Indispensable for the future of your supply chain

The Coronavirus is the biggest disruptor of all time in global business. Lockdowns and travel restrictions are causing many challenges. But in a lot of cases, it is creating opportunities as well. Businesses are now driven to build more intelligent & sustainable processes.

Pivot88 presents four technologies, which will reboot and protect your supply chain:

Virtual Inspections

Increase visibility on what is happening at your factories and stop worrying about the quality of your products and the on-time delivery – which is crucial for your brand reputation.

Virtual Audits

Continuously assess the situation at your factories, warehouse and stores. And make sure health and safety measures are put in place and are being followed correctly.

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Train your team & manufacturing partners on various topics of your choice and track their training progress, wherever you are located in the world.

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Applied Artificial Intelligence

Mitigate your risk by introducing AI empowered virtual agents to your inspection team. They perform constant analysis on your inspections and detect problems that don’t match the pattern – without having to be on site.

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