While many look forward to December as the run-up to the holiday season, for those of us in the apparel industry, it’s the busiest and most important time of the year. It is also therefore the most stressful. A stall in your supply chain can slow things down, and the knock-on effects add to the tensions of hitting milestones and making delivery slots. Everyone knows that missing the boat can mean missing an order, which can cause irreparable damage to your reputation and loss of confidence from your clients. Eeek.

It’s always the right time to embrace a better way and it’s never too late to put efficiency and transparency into action. At Pivot88 we know we make awesome supply chain software that changes the businesses and lives of our partners in as little as four weeks. We’re experts in moving people off cumbersome paper reports and onto digital platforms, putting industry best practices into action. We’re quality experts, and having worked with over 100 brands and connecting more than 5,000 factories, we know what we’re doing.

Most importantly we want you to know what you and your business is doing along all points of your supply chain so that you can trust more and worry less, safe in the knowledge of complete transparency and high quality data informing your decisions. Rather than information for the sake of it, we turn data into valuable instant actionable analytics to help you move fast.

So never let a deadline slip or miss the boat again. Trust us this holiday (and Lunar New Year, and next holiday…) and see what magic we can add to your business. You have nothing to lose (except mountains of paper reports).



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