Founded in 2009 and run by the Tykesson brothers, the manufacturing company E-bility Corporation has its headquarters in Remagen. The Kumpan electric scooter was designed and developed in cooperation with foreign experts and the latest global technology. Behind the cooperation is a unique Germany-wide quality concept, that is clearly different from the usual imports in Europe.

E-bility recently engaged Pivot88 for its cloud-based Quality Pro solution to enhance the company’s unique Germany-wide quality control processes, improve supplier performance monitoring, and bridge the geographical gap between their QC teams.

According to E-bility, “the general idea of having a digitalized QC was very appealing. Being a start-up working in the electro-mobility sector and tackling ecological challenges with technology, having a state of the art digital QC solution that saves precious resources seemed like the perfect fit. After getting introduced to Pivot88 and its capabilities and getting offered a tailored solution that fits our needs perfectly, the decision was an easy one.”

Pivot88 is working with E-bility to provide visibility at the source by digitizing QC and inspection data and process standardization for two types of inspections—pre-shipment and in-house.

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