Improve Product Quality

ColorProPantoneIf you are like many companies, quality and reliability of your products is your brand differentiator. You expect high quality from your supply chain even when it requires sourcing components and assembly from multiple suppliers. When visibility into your supply chain management doesn’t exist, it affects the quality of your product and costs your company time, money and reputation.

Bring quality control and traceability into you supply chain management process starting at the sourcing and inspection stages with BI and analytics. Reduce negative customer feedback, retailer chargebacks, and overhead costs. Gain access to real-time data on product status at the supplier level to ensure consistent quality outcomes.

Remove the guesswork and subjective judgement.

Color Pro lets you know with absolute certainty that the color you spec’d will be the color you receive and gets your product out on time and within budget. Inspect color quality faster and more efficiently, identify instantly if color is within established tolerances for fabric, wood, plastics and metal.

Pivot88 ColorProColor Pro Features:

  • Remove subjective judgment
  • Cloud-based for instant data access
  • Access data on mobile devices
  • Patent-pending technology
  • Track and measure supplier performance

Achieve Product Quality:

Discover how Pivot88 helped a North American manufacturer increase product quality and reduce lead times.

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