Our platform and apps are built on industry best practices and successfully used by over 100 global brands and 5,000 factories located all over the world. Through our approach based on collaboration and transparency, we help brands trust their supply chain and factories take ownership of their quality and compliance processes and stand out from competition.


Pivot88 and Under Armour


Learn how Under Armour improved trust in their supply chain collaborating with Pivot88:

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5 Reasons why Transparency is the Future

1. Never again Nobody wants another tragedy like Rana Plaza in Bangladesh to happen. On April 24th 2013, the eight-storey building collapse caused the death of over 1,100 people, giving the world, and the fashion industry in particular, a very rude awakening. “…Global...

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A new start

Are you raring to start 2019? We love the holidays but it’s great to be back in the office and starting a new chapter too. And if you love a new start, you’re in luck because no sooner than January 1st has faded, you’ve got the start of the Lunar New Year and the year...

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