We hope that you’re winding down for the holidays and treating yourself to some time off with your family and loved ones. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably also already thinking about next year and the things you want to change. The end of the year is a time for reflection and planning and what with the uncertain times, you may have big decisions to make coming up on the horizon.

The current state of the US-China trade war has thrown a question mark into the mix for manufacturing. At the time of writing, the two countries have agreed a 90-day ceasefire but the situation remains very unclear. Many companies are exploring new manufacturing bases, including Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia. The opportunities offered by new countries is exciting but there are also many uncertainties in collaborating with new factories and having to deal with unknown quality and compliance standards.
If you’re pondering a shift, get in touch with us. We understand the culture of opportunity and it’s our mission to help companies through change. We work with clients all around the world, allowing them to broaden their horizons. You can trust us to deliver quality wherever you decide to run your business from.

We hope you start 2019 with great confidence and we look forward to helping achieve your best year yet.

Happy holidays from everyone at Pivot88! We wish you peace, trust and joy for the new year!




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