Now December is here and you can see the end of busy season, do you now have a mountain of audit administration to tackle? When you’re busy you can put it off, but once the buzz of holiday season clears, you can’t really avoid the compliance paperwork anymore.

Or can you? The traditional offline process is difficult to track and correlate results. And we know that the knock-on effect of that affects the decisions you need to take on which suppliers to use. Your usual supplier might not be right for that special one-off project. Your favorite factory might not be able to withstand the risks of extreme weather or political turmoil in their country.

Unfortunately, like taxes, you can’t avoid audits, and at heart they’re a vital part of the compliance process to ensure the best quality production. Instead of avoiding audits, make them easier, faster, and more efficient with Pivot88. Our Manage Audits function allows our users to manage their companies’ performance as a supplier or factory based on audits done onsite and a configurable scoring system. Our clients can:

  • Evaluate existing and potential factories
  • Follow industry compliance best practices or use yours with our fully customizable templates
  • Quickly request NCR to suppliers or factories for 8D response for corrective action plans

Our awesome Manage Audits function can help take the drudge work out of audit management, freeing up your time and energy to run your business. We say, if you can’t avoid it, embrace it. Trust us, making the switch will be easier than you think.




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