Stay on top of your orders by automating order chasing

Pivot88 MilestonePro

If you’re like many companies, you struggle with staying on top of multiple suppliers and lack the visibility when it comes to the production status of your orders.  Get deep and customizable insights into the vendor progress in the manufacturing of your orders by automating your order chasing. Stop weeding through piles of paper, multi-versioned long spreadsheets and endless threads of emails. Milestone Pro delivers visibility at every stage of product production by digitizing the process.

Milestone Pro Features:


  • Flexible plan builder to set the production steps you want to track & update
  • Automatic prompt when updates are required
  • Shared network of suppliers and teams receiving updates simultaneously
  • Easy color codes helping to identify urgent and on-track shipments
  • Customizable real-time alerts and escalation notifications
  • Insight on supplier performance over time

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Download this case study to learn how Pivot88 helped a North American manufacturer reduce the high cost of poor quality.

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