Pivot88 and DDS Logistics, European leader of the TMS market, recentlyPivot88-DDS-partnership signed a partnership agreement to complement their respective offerings and open new growth prospects. By joining their forces, Pivot88 and DDS Logistics aim to provide procurement professionals with increased visibility into their operations for improved profitability and optimized processes. The solution’s complementarity will benefit both companies’ existing customers but also represent many opportunities for each other in prospecting new markets.

Complementary solutions for a complete offer

With its DDS Shipper import / export solution, the software editor offers its customers optimized management of their transport operations, from pre-routing to main transport via post-routing, and a perfect control of import or export operations from the release of the goods to delivery at the warehouse.

Pivot88 is a cloud- and mobile-based collaboration platform designed to ensure that manufactured products meet the highest quality standards. Developed specifically for sourcing or outsourcing professionals, Pivot88 enables companies of all sizes to collaborate directly with their suppliers to standardize processes while generating savings. Driven by the objective of ensuring compliance and improving product quality, Pivot88 structures and automates quality management processes to provide positive gains for all stakeholders. Present in 23 countries, Pivot88 offers its customers an accurate, reliable and powerful inspection database to optimize their operational efficiency at all stages of a manufacturing process.

Sharing experiences for the benefit of procurement professionals

DDS Logistics will now distribute Pivot88’s offer in addition to its DDS Shipper import / export solution, including product inspection and quality control processes. “The objective of this partnership with Pivot88 is to offer a complementary solution to our DDS Shipper solution for our customers, but also to be able to open doors to new accounts,” commented Jérôme Bour, Chairman and CEO of DDS Logistics. “Through this partnership, Pivot88 and DDS Logistics will share the in-depth knowledge and experience of their respective areas of expertise in order to offer their joint customers a combined and complete collaboration solution. “By partnering with a solid and reputable partner such as DDS logistics, Pivot88’s efforts to strengthen its presence in Europe will be greatly facilitated.” commented Stéphane Boivin, co-founder and CEO at Pivot88.


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