What we do 

Inspections and Quality Management

  • Intuitive Digital Platform and Inspection forms built on industry best practices.
  • Complete workflows to easily book inspections, collect information, manage approvals and request follow-up and action plans when a non-conformity is found.
  • All stages of manufacturing from lab tests, T1-T2, incoming, inline, final, DC.
  • Quality management through sampling methodologies or item level traceability.


Audits and Compliance Management

  • Transparency and CSR compliance at all stages of the supply chain.
  • Factory audits to evaluate and rank suppliers.
  • Modules for factories to run their own audits and monitor progress against their goals.
  • Fully customizable audit reports to manage compliance and assessment programs (Environmental, Social, Structural, C-TPAT). 


Valuable Actionable Data & Intelligence

  • Monitor performance of suppliers and production lines.
  • Benchmark results against the industry.
  • Visual scorecards and dashboards with operational, tactical and strategic key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Make timely decisions for immediate ROI.

How we do it

  • Our strong architecture was built over 10 years of experience in quality and compliance software.
  • Our workflow was developed on industry best practices, from our experience with over 100 brands and can be customized if required.
  • Our system allows flexible integration to best respond to clients’ requirements.
  • Our implementation is the fastest in the market, and adoption in over 12,500 factories happened in less than 24 hours, supported by 9 languages.
  • Our solutions are continuously enhanced working with industry leaders.
  • Our user training is built on our long experience in the industry, and is delivered by our expert trainers.
  • Our world-class support team is located around the world to react quickly and efficiently to our clients’ requests, 24/7/365.

Your goals are our goals


  • Starts from compliance: know your suppliers, collaborate with them, make sure they align with your standards and values.
  • Continues with quality: complete inspections with sampling methodologies or The L88P for item level traceability.
  • Finishes with Returns, Chargebacks, Non-Conformity Reports and Corrective Action Plans.


  • The technology behind our Cockpit allows you to move from collecting and describing to identifying and taking action: it gives you the ability to take smarter and faster decisions.


  • Trust your supply chain and your products with the transparency that your actionable data gives you.


Pivot88 is the only quality and compliance software company on the market who are not only working with SOC 2 Type III certified data centres, but also have a SOC 2 Type II certified internal process, audited every year by an independent auditor.

In addition, we are also proud to have obtained the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate. This is yet another guarantee that our systems and internal control policies & practices are designed to keep your data safe, secure and confidential, and available for operation in a timely manner.






















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