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Some of Quality Pro Features: With Quality Pro, gather evidence and validate it immediately, eliminating inconsistent paper-based reporting. Identify and solve product quality problems earlier in the production stages and faster. Get real-time business intelligence and analytics that uncover trends right from the source, that lead to improved product quality, lower defect rates and reduced retailer chargebacks.

All information captured by Pivot88 is time and user stamped and is accessible from anywhere. Our live data collection provides unique business intelligence with real-time analytics. Get accurate visibility into your processes and align the promise with the delivery!


  • Book inspections with a few simple clicks
  • Manage & follow-up on booked and completed inspections
  • Collaborate with your supplier network with the most up-to-date information
  • Review & share inspection reports online from anywhere any time
  • Get alerted and updated with automated instant notifications
  • Approve inspections and share comments on quality and production processes
  • Share and organize relevant files linked to an inspection, order or style
  • Structure and review inspection workflows
  • Remove inspector subjectivity and increase accuracy by connecting to external devices
  • Switch between multiple languages (including mandarin)
  • Interface with business systems such as ERP and PLM for automated data import
  • Stay flexible with Quality Plan Builder allowing to create specific quality plans linked to a SKU or Style


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Download this case study to learn how Pivot88 helped a North American manufacturer increase product quality and boost process efficiencies.

Choose from our list of industry-specific suites ready to serve companies of all sizes

Take the first step into digitizing and simplifying your inspection process with our introductory quality & inspection package.


The Checker

Gain  intelligence with our elite solution based on the industry’s best practices providing you with more in-depth analyses, real-time analytics, custom workflows & fully researched and structured inspection forms.


The Inspector

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