Home Décor The Inspector

Pivot88-Home-Decor-same-blackBuilt specifically for the Home Decor industry, Home Decor THE INSPECTOR combines the power of technology with the industry best practices and allows you to fully automate and digitize your processes to help you get instant access to data and results in real-time.

Better yet, gain more intelligence with this elite solution based on the industry’s best practices providing you with more in-depth analyses, real-time analytics, custom workflows & fully researched and structured inspection forms.

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“…The benefits of Pivot88 were immediately apparent since I could use the system to capture, track, extract and analyze all my data. Meanwhile, without any additional effort, we were on the way to standardizing our processes.

By providing real-time insight on assembler and inspector performances in the line, Pivot88 allows me to better understand where the gaps occur. It definitely helps us to significantly increase production efficiency while widely simplifying my production planning…”

Sebastien Bourassa, Operations VP & President Savaria Huizhou (China), Savaria

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