Supplier self-inspection

Bringing self-inspection to your quality process is the new trend! Traditionally, suppliers and companies both conduct quality inspections resulting in process misalignment, duplication of tasks, wasted time and money, miscommunications and gaps in the process.

By involving all parties from factory workers to top management executives, you create a sense of unity by opening communication and promoting collaboration. One of the greatest benefits is that defects and non-conformities are detected at the source rather than upon arrival at their destination – when it is too late! – thus resulting in higher costs and increased scrap rates.

Pivot88 recognizes the importance of this new trend by:

  • Allowing you to dedicate more time on process improvement and working towards a more preventative approach
  • Offering a solid collaboration & communication tool
  • Helping suppliers and companies understand each other’s requirements
  • Improving client-supplier relationships
  • Offering real-time data capture to work on improvements right away
  • Increasing visibility on supplier production and quality

And so much more!

Pivot88 offers you the tools you need to develop initial trust and to build solid business relationships between suppliers and companies. Accurate data capture is an important first step. That is why our solution allows users to eliminate data entry errors and save time with auto-populated data, validate mandatory checklists and lab test results, follow guided photo reports, accurately capture defects & measurements and connect external devices to completely remove subjectivity from the process. In essence, we look to increase efficiency while putting your mind at ease.

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