We’re back from our travels and following up on all the awesome conversations and big ideas we’ve been discussing at the 34th IAF World Fashion Convention in Maastricht and the PI Apparel Milan shows. We’ve all been talking about digitalization and sustainability for our brands and consumers. We’re in the 4th industrial revolution and any brand that doesn’t actively pursue a sustainable strategy is going to lose out.

Whilst there’s a time and a place for reflection and contemplation, some things just need to get done and the apparel industry is moving ahead with digitalization. Fortunately for us, it’s not really in our nature to stand still for too long. Pivot88 software offers a green solution to address both digitalization and sustainability through transparency. We collaborate with our partners to create a bespoke series of quality checks via The Loop, giving customers 360 degree visibility on the product from creation to delivery.

Sustainability was also a big driving theme, in an ever-more transparent world with increasingly supply-chain conscious consumers. Garment making is moving away from China into new production hubs such as Myanmar, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Indonesia etc. This will create a huge impact in the industry with the inevitable concerns around quality and efficiency, so we all need to change the way we’re doing business. Think agile and dynamic, rather than routine and formulaic and you’ll be in good shape to move with the times, rather than running to catch up. We’re raring to go (once we’ve got over our jet-lag).

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