The end of the calendar year is approaching and that means re-evaluating things. How did the year go? What did you achieve? How could you have done things better? What do you want to change in 2019?

We can be creatures of habit. Changing the way you take your coffee might be something you’d consider. What about changing the way you manage your supply chain? Doing things differently can feel like a huge task, so your first instinct may be to put it off, and stick with what you know.

But how does moving away from paper-based data management to a fully digitalized process sound? How would getting awesome instant actionable analytics on your supply chain help you make decisions faster? How would it benefit your business to move quality and compliance control earlier in the process? How good would it be to move quality control to full visibility and trust on your supply chain?

It takes just 4 weeks for Pivot88 to change your life with our awesome audit management software. That’s 4 weeks to get off paper, excel and huge databases and onto an instant digital streamlined platform. 4 weeks to upgrade, transition, and start managing your supply chain from your phone. And, we make it easy. When a contract is signed, our dream team starts working in the background to go through the scoping, configuration, training and implementation phases. We are quality experts and after having worked with over 100 brands and connected 5,000 factories, we know what we’re doing.

99% of our users say they would never go back. Ready to make the change?




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