Do you dress up for Halloween? Whether you use it as an excuse to unleash your alter ego or rock that bright green wig you’ve secretly thought might suit you, Halloween is a time to do something new and try on a different character for a day. At Pivot88 we like to have a themed event and this year it was superheroes. Anyone spying on our staff will have been reassured by all the capes and masks on display as our brave, fearless team displayed nerves of steel as they went about their usual business clad in spandex and lycra.

Although dressing up as Superman for a day might just seem like a bit of fun, putting on a costume can be an inspirational experience. Freed from the constraints of what a normal human being can do, putting on a mask can reveal parts of your personality that might not typically surface when you’re rushing about your usual routine. Whilst a cape might not mean you can scale tall buildings in a single leap, it could allow you to drop those blinkers you can put on yourself. If Wonder Woman wouldn’t let a doubt stop her saving the world, trying on her boots for a day might give you the spur to try something new.

There was an array of characters in our office for Halloween, from a pair of neon-haired trolls to bear-skin wearing extras from the Game of Thrones. But this year’s winner was the blend in the background stripes of the Pivot88 team member who dressed up as “Where’s Wally?” Whilst not a conventional superhero, we thought she perfectly captured the spirit of Pivot88. Like Wally, we hide behind the scenes and do amazing things, but let our clients shine. For her ingenuity, Wally gets an extra day’s holiday (and the rumour is that she’ll be spending it doing good and saving the world).”


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