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See how Pivot88 is giving small businesses the edge.

With Pivot88, small businesses achieve more. Outsmart your competition by digitizing your factory quality assurance, performance and event management.

The Virtual Inspector is Pivot88’s solution for businesses that need monitoring suppliers’ production operations, safety and quality audits, and customs compliance, but a flexible number of inspections.

The Virtual Inspector helps small businesses control their inspection process, from setting up profiles for suppliers and inspectors, to booking inspections, and monitoring results through real-time analytics.

Work efficiently, React quickly, Reduce risks, Deliver quality, Save money

Getting started is simple:

      • Contact us to sign up
      • Receive your username & password
      • Choose a bundle
      • Start inspecting!

The benefits:

      • Available anywhere, anytime
      • Pay-per-use solution with multiple bundle options that never expire
      • No contracts & no strings attached to keep your mind at ease
      • Full tracking & traceability of inspections performed on all products
      • Automated notification & alert system to keep all parties well-informed of statuses & progress
      • Efficient booking & approval functions
      • Multilingual platform: English, French, Chinese & Vietnamese
      • Unlimited photo-taking
      • Tablet app with online/offline capabilities to improve inspector efficiency & accuracy
      • Cost savings by eliminating the need for 3rd party inspection firms
      • Embedded AQL & Sample Size rules & logic to create an objective process
      • And so much more…

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