The superheroes challenge

Do you dress up for Halloween? Whether you use it as an excuse to unleash your alter ego or rock that bright green wig you’ve secretly thought might suit you, Halloween is a time to do something new and try on a different character for a day. At Pivot88 we like to...

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Talking Bout a Revolution

We’re back from our travels and following up on all the awesome conversations and big ideas we’ve been discussing at the 34th IAF World Fashion Convention in Maastricht and the PI Apparel Milan shows. We’ve all been talking about digitalization and sustainability for...

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#trustinaction on tour

Whilst we might not be full-time rockstars (karaoke efforts notwithstanding), the Pivot88 team have been on tour, hitting Maastricht and Milan last week for the 34th IAF World Fashion Convention and the PI Apparel shows. We had great fun launching our #trustinaction...

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Trust in action

Standing on the edge of the precipice, do you jump? Unless you’re a particularly extreme thrill-seeker, most of us would take a pause to consider the options – and the safety harness – before making a skydive or bungee jump. Beyond the exhilaration of the plunge,...

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The main purchasing standard is quality

Currently 9 out of 10 consumers indicate that their purchasing decisions are based on the quality of the product, compared to 3 or 4 out of 10 a decade ago as shown by ongoing surveys of customer buying patterns in major international markets as stated in the article...

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